An animated tour and a real picnic that take place in the gardens of Fronteira Marquises Palace. Alorna’s Marquise welcomes the visitors in an outdoor tour through the Palace’s gardens and ending around the table in which picnics and feasts have been served since the early days of the Palace. The visit will approach several themes such as the war for the independence of Portugal, Lisbon’s earthquake and the Távora’s process. Alcipe will also relate these topics to her poetry. Inspired on the secret letters written in lemon juice by the Marquise to her father, there will be an activity in the tour in which children will write messages in invisible ink.  

Target audience: Children (+ 3 years old)/Families

Length: 2h

Place: Palácio Fronteira, Largo São Domingos de Benfica 1, 1500-554 Lisboa

Price: on request