Staged visit to Frigate D. Fernando II and Gloria with sailor Sardinha, a fictional character made-up by COOLture Tours. With sailor Sardinha, children and grown-ups get to know the history and role of each room and object of the frigate. This boat is the last ship that moves exclusively through sailing belonging to the Portuguese navy. Moreover, it is one of the oldest war frigates in the world to make it to our days. From the bow to the stern and from the deck to the basement, the sailor explains many curiosities about the navy. He approaches concepts such as the fig-tree sails, the cat’s mast, and the racket. The tour includes a mini initiation workshop on naval knots.

Target audience: Children (+ 3 years old)/Families

Length: 1h15

Place: Fragata D. Fernando II e Glória | Largo Alfredo Dinis, Cacilhas (Almada)

Price: on request