The Queen shows the Palace

Holding hands with the Queen D. Maria Pia de Saboia, wife of/married to king D. Luis I, children are invited to discover all the delights of the unique Royal Palace that is nowadays open for visits in Lisbon.  Where did the kings used to sleep? Where did they used to celebrate Christmas, their birthdays and Carnival? What did the little princes used to play with? Where is the bear that protects the Queen? How many chairs has the great feast room? These are just a few of the curiosities that the Queen will reveal. It is a private travel/visit to the nineteen century Court.

Target: Children (+6 anos)/Families

Length: 1h30

Price: 5,50€ per person (ticket to enter the Palace not included)

Place: Museu Nacional dos Coches | Av. da Índia 136, 1300-004 Lisboa