Family Tours

Saber Mais

About Coolture Tours

COOLture Tours was created by a historian and museologist who has more than 10 years of experience not only in guided and animated tours, but also in birthday parties and other activities at Museums, Palaces and several cultural places.

COOLture Tours’ mission is to bring children and grownups close to the richness of the Portuguese History trough guided and animated tours, games and theatrical scenes with unforgettable historic characters. Moreover these activities are always suited to the interests and ages of the visitors.

Furthermore, COOLture Tours performs specific activities for schools and at schools according to the annual main working subject of the school’s project or on subjects related to History, Arts, Literature, Music and Sciences.

For whom?

COOLture tours’ main targets are children. Along with the child’s escort the whole family is welcome to join our visits: Parents, Grandparents and anyone who may be interested in getting to know Portugal’s History and all the treasures that are kept in its Museums and Palaces.

We also organize visits during the week for schools, grownups and any kind of groups.

Felisa Pérez

Before showing herself as a real queen to children and families, Felisa Pérez was a common student of  History and Museology in Lisbon and Madrid. After completing her Master program and having read lots of books and met many smart people, she decided that it was time to work with children – the smartest people of all.

In Spain, she found a house full of treasures. The owner of this house and of the treasures in it  was Lázaro Galdiano. He was rich and loved beautiful things, which he bought and brought home. Felisa made herself at home there and soon started to tell visitors the story of each treasure. She believes things are prettier when we learn about them.

Felisa’s parents missed her and so she decided to return to Portugal. By mistake, she caught the wrong flight and….. she landed in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil ! At first she was worried, but quickly she found a way to return to Lisbon again. As she still had a few time left before her trip back she went looking for a place with beautiful things once again, so that she might  continue her story telling. That’s how she found the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro, which not only had pretty things, but also very nice visitors. She was very lucky because she ended up staying in Brazil for 6 months more as waiting alone would have been hard.

When Felisa finally arrived in Lisbon, she heard something about a little special shoe. And she went to meet the artist who had done it, Joana Vasconcelos. Felisa worked with her for a while.

When Felisa got two little princes at home, she thought it was time to show everyone her queen dresses.

She got dressed, did her hair and went to visit her favourite museum: The National Coach Museum. While she walked around, she ran into a child who wanted to know the story about one of the coaches. As Felisa knew that story, she started telling it. Suddenly, there were lots and lots of children around her, all of them with different ages and questions!

From that moment on, Felisa tells stories – always true stories – to children and parents from many places in the world, always about her favourite Museums and Palaces.